Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Where data drives smarter and more efficient recovery.

Nexa at the forefront of rehabilitation and physiotherapy

At Nexa, we understand that rehabilitation and physical therapy aren't just about recovery, but also about understanding and precision. Our robotic equipment and advanced software are designed for rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers that seek not only to improve the effectiveness of their treatments but also to deepen the analysis and monitoring of each patient's progress.

Innovation and personalization: With Nexa, each rehabilitation session becomes a unique experience, adapted to the specific needs of each patient. Our equipment offers precise and personalized adjustments, allowing treatments that are perfectly adapted to individual recovery abilities and goals.

Advanced logging and analysis:
The Nexa difference lies in its ability to record and analyze every aspect of treatment. Not only does our software facilitate detailed monitoring of each patient's progress, but it also allows therapists to access in-depth analyses, identifying patterns, adjusting treatments and anticipating future needs with unprecedented accuracy.

Commitment to superior results:
We are committed to providing solutions that not only accelerate recovery but also offer a deeper understanding of the rehabilitation process. Nexa empowers therapists with advanced tools for analysis and monitoring, ensuring that each patient can achieve their maximum recovery potential.

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Detailed analysis, optimal recovery

Go beyond traditional rehabilitation with Nexa technology.

Key Benefits

Nexa elevates rehabilitation, offering personalized treatments that optimize the recovery of all muscle groups in just two square meters. Its approach based on detailed analyses improves therapeutic precision, ensuring more effective results for patients, and boosting the efficiency of therapists and physiotherapists.

Innovative Technology

Nexa integrates the latest in rehabilitation technology, from the Smart Force System to Adaptive Resistance, allowing ultra-personalized treatments. This innovation ensures unprecedented precision in physical therapy, setting a new standard in patient care.


We offer a cost-effective solution that provides significant tax benefits. By deducting 100% of the purchase amount, centers maximize their investment while benefiting from our advanced technology and improving rehabilitation outcomes. This financial strategy reduces costs by increasing patient satisfaction and optimizing the center's profitability.

Compatibility and integration

Nexa equipment integrates perfectly into any physiotherapy environment, complementing and enriching existing treatments. Its compatibility with various therapeutic modalities and management software facilitates a smooth transition to more advanced and effective rehabilitation.


We solve your doubts

We've compiled the most common questions to help you better understand.

What are the main benefits of Nexa for my center?

Nexa improves the quality of treatment with advanced technology, customizing therapies to meet the specific needs of each patient, improving the overall experience and satisfaction.

How does Nexa customize treatments for different patients?

Nexa uses cutting-edge technology to tailor treatments, addressing the unique needs of each patient with precision.

How does funding affect my tax deductions?

Our financing operation improves the tax efficiency of your clinic by allowing deductions of 100% of the amount, optimizing your investment.

Can I try Nexa before buying?

We offer demonstrations so you can experience the benefits of Nexa in your practice, ensuring an informed purchase decision. Request your visit and test at any of our official Nexa centers.

How does Nexa make it easier to track patient progress?

Nexa provides advanced tools for detailed monitoring and analysis of progress, allowing for informed treatment adjustments.

Is it easy to integrate Nexa into my current practice?

Yes, Nexa integrates easily, supplementing existing treatments with minimal interruption, and offering comprehensive training for a smooth transition. And in just two square meters.