High performance trainers and centers

Set your center apart with comprehensive solutions for high performance, ensuring an environment where your customers can constantly push their limits.

Elevate your training program with cutting-edge technology.

For trainers and high-performance centers, Nexa represents the forefront of training solutions. Our mission is to transform potential into tangible success, providing equipment and technology that set new standards in sports preparation. With Nexa, you have access to innovations designed to optimize performance, recovery and training strategy.

Each of our products has been developed with the input of sports professionals, ensuring that they meet the most rigorous training demands. We pride ourselves on being a strategic partner for coaches and centers, driving the success of athletes through continuous improvement and exceptional performance.

We are committed to supporting you every step of the way, offering not only top-notch equipment, but also the knowledge and support necessary to get the most out of each tool.

By choosing Nexa, you choose a path to excellence, where training quality meets unprecedented results. Find out how we can help you elevate your training program and establish a legacy of victories and achievements.

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Robotic Technology, Superior Results

Learn how Nexa takes physical performance to the next level.

Key Benefits

Nexa transforms gyms and fitness centers with personalized workouts that elevate the user experience, encouraging member retention. Its innovative approach increases satisfaction and commitment, positioning its establishment as a leader in offering cutting-edge fitness solutions and tangible results.

Innovative Technology

Nexa technology, from the Smart Force System to Adaptive Resistance, redefines training, allowing users to achieve their goals with greater efficiency. This innovation makes data-based training available to everyone, significantly improving performance and motivation.


Investing in Nexa represents a cost-effective strategy for gyms and fitness centers. By offering advanced and personalized training, it attracts a larger and more committed clientele, generating a return on investment through market differentiation and improved member loyalty.

Compatibility and integration

Nexa equipment integrates effortlessly into any gym environment, complementing and improving the range of existing services. Its adaptable design and easy operation ensure a smooth transition to a more sophisticated training offering, without requiring extensive or complex remodeling.


We solve your doubts

We've compiled the most common questions to help you better understand.

How can Nexa products improve performance?

Nexa offers advanced training solutions that allow precise customization and adaptation to the individual needs of each user, significantly improving their performance through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Do you offer specific support for trainers and high-performance centers?

Yes, Nexa provides specialized support for trainers and centers, including technical advice, training on the use of our products and strategies for integrating our solutions into training programs.

¿Cómo afecta la financiación a mis deducciones fiscales?

Nuestra operación de financiación mejora la eficiencia fiscal de su clínica al permitir desgravaciones del 100% del importe, optimizando su inversión.

Is it possible to monitor and adjust user progress with Nexa products?

Absolutely. Nexa facilitates accurate monitoring of user progress and allows real-time adjustments to training programs, thanks to its sophisticated software and performance analysis.

How does Nexa contribute to customer loyalty?

Nexa improves the training experience and the results obtained, increasing the satisfaction and retention of athletes, by offering them access to cutting-edge training technology and personalized programs.

How does Nexa make it easy to customize workouts with different needs?

Through intuitive interfaces and advanced software, Nexa allows the creation of highly personalized training programs, adjusting parameters such as resistance, duration and type of exercise according to individual needs.


Success Story

We've compiled the most common questions to help you better understand.