NexaPro software

Explore limitless adaptability with NexaPro, today the technological future you need.

Innovation and technology for training and rehabilitation

Discover the convergence of strength training excellence and advanced rehabilitation solutions with NexaPro and NexaPro Plus. Nexa redefines the limits of physical training and recovery, merging cutting-edge technology, personalization and exceptional results to meet the needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation patients.

NexaPro is the ideal platform for those looking to establish a solid base in their strength training or start a path of muscle recovery. With intuitive features such as Quick Start, Basic Training and Customizable Tables, NexaPro is perfect for developing strength, improving mobility and facilitating the rehabilitation process in a safe and effective way. The personalization and adaptability of NexaPro make it an invaluable ally both in the field of fitness and in physical therapy.

NexaPro Plus, on the other hand, expands these capabilities with advanced features such as Adaptive Resistance, Time Static, HIST and Speed Control, designed not only for those seeking to push their performance to the limit, but also for those in advanced phases of rehabilitation. The precision and adaptability of NexaPro Plus allow extreme customization, ideal for recovering and strengthening specific muscle groups, offering an exceptional tool for physiotherapists and health professionals looking for effective and efficient solutions for their patients.

NexaPro and NexaPro Plus offer a full spectrum of possibilities, from strengthening and conditioning to muscle rehabilitation and recovery. These platforms are designed to adapt to individual needs, promoting faster recovery, safer training and lasting results. Whether your goal is to achieve new performance peaks, recover from an injury or improve your quality of life, Nexa accompanies you every step of the way, transforming each session into an opportunity to excel.

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With NexaPro, discover the perfect synergy between advanced technology and personalized training.

Quick start

With just two clicks, start your session with NexaPro. Choose the weight and the system will automatically increase by 30% in the eccentric phase, creating a report of the training performed.

Basic training

Recover your last workout easily. Adjust sets, repetitions and weight; the system adds 30% in the eccentric phase, all your progress will be automatically recorded in Nexa.


Completely customize your training with NexaPro. Adjust sets, repetitions, times and weights in concentric and eccentric phases, and activate intelligent aids for possible muscle failure.

NexaPro Plus

Exceed your expectations with NexaPro Plus, merging intense training and customized robotic technology.

Adaptive resistance

Adaptive Resistance adjusts the load in real time according to your effort in each phase of the exercise, offering superior isokinetic training for fast and efficient results.

Time Static

Time Static sets positions for isometric training, allowing accurate assessments of strength and muscle rehabilitation in static positions, optimizing recovery and strengthening.


The HIST modality is high-intensity sessions, applying intelligent strength curves for each muscle group. Achieving 100% effectiveness in each repetition.

Smart Force System

Smart Force System is a test that records your maximum strength curve, which you can apply to your training table at the optimal percentage of each user.


It measures the speed of execution, and can end the exercise if it falls below the established threshold, for optimized and progressive training.