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Take advantage of Nexa's advanced training systems that offer precise control, improved efficiency and unmatched safety.



We offer a full range of services to keep you connected.

IPulley, a double pulley with servomotors, offers isokinetic training, variable resistance, isometric training and strength tests.
Big3 allows you to train large muscle groups (legs, chest, back) with automatic loading and HIIT, HIST, Adaptive Resistance modes.
Smarttone System
Pioneering system for digitalized training, with total adaptability, accurate monitoring and exhaustive control of muscle performance and progress.
Software for managing Nexa equipment, offering detailed analysis, real-time monitoring and performance optimization.


Customized equipment to meet each specific need, adapted to different objectives.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy
Rehabilitation and physical therapy
Achieve optimal recovery with solutions that combine innovation and personalization, ensuring a therapeutic approach adapted to your rehabilitation needs.
Gyms and fitness centers
High performance trainers and centers
Set your center apart with comprehensive solutions for high performance, ensuring an environment where your customers can constantly push their limits.
High-performance sport
Your home training center
Turn your home into a training center with our innovative technology. Maximum performance in minimum space, your complete solution for training at home.
Performance and physical development
Performance and physical development
Focused on improving overall physical performance, versatility in strength and endurance training, and optimizing muscle development.
Health and Longevity
Health and Longevity
It promotes an active and healthy lifestyle at all ages, focused on preventing injuries and maintaining muscle and bone health.
Security forces and bodies
Security forces and bodies
Aimed at security forces and the military, with specialized training programs for physical preparation in tactical and high-demand scenarios.

Some of our satisfied customers

Find out how we have positively impacted the lives of our users.

Lluís Barbé

With the iPulley we have discovered a revolutionary technology to which, if you add knowledge, you achieve with it a unique and exceptional tool for improving the quality of people. Its versatility is such that unifying Physiotherapy and Training becomes a reality, a Before and After to understand muscle health as a pillar for longevity and sports performance.

— Lluís Barbé
Physio FMM

Fast and good service. They gave me a line at the company in a very short time.

— SM supplies
“In my particular case I am very happy”

Very good service and very good customer support.

In addition, they are constantly introducing updates and improvements through feedback with us. A great machine for training and rehabilitation of very high quality.

— Juan Carlos R.Verónica Sierras Terres
“Very satisfied”

Excellent service, very professional people and a very stable network, 100% recommended.

With Ipulley and the Big 3 you can train the entire human body for anyone and of any age. You can achieve the democratization of STRENGTH training.

— Install Security
“Congratulations to the company”

Spectacular treatment, both the technicians and the customer service, at 10.

— Evolution Boxing Club
Pilates 4life

Working with the iPulley is an advantage for any coach in terms of precision, progression and time!.

— Alice

We solve your doubts

We've compiled the most common questions to help you better understand.

What makes Nexa equipment unique?

Nexa stands out for its focus on advanced technology, offering equipment such as iPulley and Big3 with precise digital control and superior adaptability in training.

How does Nexa equipment improve my training experience?

Our equipment, such as the Nexa Stations Concept, offers a personalized experience with cutting-edge technology, adapted to your specific needs to maximize results.

Are Nexa equipment suitable for all levels?

No, we offer contract-free options. However, we have special discounts for those who choose long-term commitments.

What warranty do Nexa products offer?

We offer a comprehensive warranty that covers factory defects and guarantees optimal performance of our equipment.

Are Nexa products easy to use?

Yes, our devices such as iPulley and Big3 have intuitive interfaces and user guides for easy use.

Can I try Nexa products before buying?

Yes, we offer demonstrations and tests in our showrooms and at selected retailers.