Smarttone System

Discover how the latest technology completely transforms your training experience, making every session smarter and more effective.

Nexa Stations Concept

This is provided only by the intelligent equipment, Smarttone System.

Welcome to the forefront of strength training with our revolutionary Smarttone System circuit, a unique Nexa proposal that is transforming the training experience in gyms, high-performance centers and personalized training studios around the world. This innovative total training concept is developed through an integrated circuit of state-of-the-art intelligent machines, meticulously designed to adapt to any training objective, whether it is increasing muscle mass, improving endurance or maximizing sports performance.

The Smarttone System Circuit stands out for its ability to program the weight of the eccentric phase at the user's demand, offering unprecedented customization and a highly effective training experience. It incorporates advanced technology that allows the exhaustive collection of information on training plans and their execution, ensuring unparalleled precision and comfort in every movement.

Whether through its variations in working and recovery times, the speed of execution, or the variable loads during the journey, the Smarttone System Circuit is the definitive tool for those who seek to overcome their limits and achieve their best results.

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Robotic technology. Automatic weight loads in all modes of training, strength testing, data recording, traceability and total user analysis.

Creation of workouts in super short times and total registration per user.


State-of-the-art robotic technology. Automatic weight loads using training tables, laser sensors and intelligent aids.

Different weight loads between concentric and eccentric phases within the same repetition.


Easy to use for all types of users regardless of the user's knowledge.

Possibility to select different types of training and create workouts in super short times.


Load of selected weights that are activated and deactivated with a simple gesture of our hands.
Obtaining an exact pattern of the user's muscle capacity at every angle of the route to avoid injuries.

Automatic load deactivation and inactivity of movement in case of muscle overload. Activation of intelligent aids that detect muscle fatigue in the last repetitions.


With Nexa, achieving strength training results is unmatched. Intelligent activations that detect muscle fatigue in the last few repetitions.

Maximum muscle performance since its software adapts to the muscular capacity of each user at every angle of the route: Smart Force System. TIME STATIC adaptive resistor. HIST.